L'unité MIG et l'unité MIAJ ont fusionné au 1er janvier 2015. Elles constituent dorénavant la nouvelle unité MaIAGE dont le site internet est accessible via l'URL suivante : http://maiage.jouy.inra.fr.


Thesis in progress

  • MIRAUTA Bogdan - Transcriptome genetics by high-throughput sequencing. (since the beginning 09/2010)
  • COUSIN Charlotte - Carbon sources management in Bacillus subtilis. (since the beginning 10/2010)
  • RATKOVIC Zorana - Predicate analysis and information extraction: application to the biology domain. (since the beginning 10/2010)
  • WARNIER Pierre - Cooperative Machine learning for Knowledge Acquisition from scientific texts. (since the beginning 01/2011)
  • HABIB Christophe - Study of pathogenic bacteria of fish belonging to the genera Flavobacterium and Tenacibaculum by comparative genomic approaches. (since the beginning 09/2011)
  • FLORES PIerre - Control of the bacterial cell wall synthesis in Bacillus subtilis (since the beginning 01/2012)
  • VALSAMOU Dialekti - Information extraction from scientific articles for the reconstruction of the biological regulatory network during the seed development phase of Arabidopsis Thaliana. (since the beginning 10/2012)
  • MASSIP Florian - Properties of segmental duplicated DNA: consequences on sequence alignment statistics and on evolutionary models. (since the beginning 10/2012)
  • KALANTARI Aida - (since the beginning 01/2013)
  • AUBERT Julie - Statistical analysis of high-throughput biological data. (since the beginning 01/2013)