L'unité MIG et l'unité MIAJ ont fusionné au 1er janvier 2015. Elles constituent dorénavant la nouvelle unité MaIAGE dont le site internet est accessible via l'URL suivante : http://maiage.jouy.inra.fr.


The Mathematics, Informatics and Genomics Laboratory (MIG) groups together mathematicians, computer scientists, physical chemists and biologists around the analysis of the genomes. It is a cross-disciplinary laboratory within INRA depending on 3 departments: Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Microbiology and the Food Chain and Animal Physiology and Livestock Systems.

The MIG laboratory has received the following objectives :

  • developing methods and tools for analysing genomes in silico ;
  • setting up information systems for genomics ;
  • participating in genomic projects chosen for their scientific or strategic interest. Within these collaborative projects the role of the laboratory is to provide to the community of the biologists both logistic and software support within the development of a bioinformatics platform MIGALE.

MIG, as a centre of bioinformatics, positions itself naturally in the field of integrative biology. Integrative biology involves the production of a considerable mass of heterogeneous data (signals and images, nucleic acid sequences, three-dimensional structures of proteins, bibliographic data, interaction networks, etc). The ultimate goal of integrative biology is to shed light on the relations between the genome and the biological properties of organisms (phenotype) by exploring and describing all the intermediate levels of the organization: cell processes, tissues, organs, physiological processes, etc. In this context, bioinformatics occupies a central position as it enables biologists to handle, analyse and use the avalanche of data in the most efficient way.

Consequently the present research projects include the setup of biological databases, the development of new softwares that are user friendly for the biologists and the automatic mining of the scientific literature in biology.

All the members of the laboratory participate in one way or another to these tasks and the laboratory is structured into three main research subjects :

Our collaboration with other laboratories are structured into specific projects.

The MIG Laboratory underwent an evaluation on October 13, 2003. You will find the evaluation report here.